EFFLICTIM - def. (adverb); = to strike dead, kill or destroy. The supreme judgement to all who dare disobey the code of the dangerous streets of St' Louis' east side, In the case of friends, Marcus Holbrook and Sherrick Dotson find themselves marked for judgement without provocation. After a night out on the town, the two are approached on the street by a suspicious man with a proposition that could alleviate all of their problems. Ultimately they decide to give him a ride into the city that unwittingly throws them into the path of the most notorious kingpin, Poochie "Maddog" Daniels. When Marcus and Sherrick turn up missing, street wise Det. Kahn Bradley heads up the investigation with Marcus' fiancee, Jozlynn Cromwell. Believing her to be truthful he is later blindsided with information about this woman that turns everyone's world upside down and inside out. For everyone to regain their lives and control in the streets they have to take off the head of the snake......but before they do they first have to figure out...who is Jozlynn Cromwell..


On the dark and dirty backdrop of the harsh streets of St. Louis two friends, Marcus Holbrook and Sherrick Dotson, are approached with a proposition. Promised a very lucrative cash incentive Marcus accepts the deal in spite of Sherricks angry refusals.
It has been 48 hours since Marcus and Sherrick have been missing and Marcus' frantic fiancee, Jozlyn Cromwell, is desperately trying to hold it together. Det Bradley is growing suspicious of Jozelyn and her intentions.
Det. Bradley visits Jozlyn for answers into his investigation. Finding her to be truthful and honest he promises that he will do everything to find Marcus only to later discover that her truths just may be all lies.
When Poochie 'Madd Dog' Daniels gives an order you carry out said order. When defied...you shall be dealt with. All the while Marcus realizes that he is in a life or death situation and he alone can get himself out of the nightmare that he had put them all in.
Marcus is desperately trying to get Jozlyn to go to the police with him but instead they head to a Safe House to figure everything out. Meanwhile Sherrick is planning to save his family even if it means ruining his friendship.
After the accident Marcus and Sherrick continue on to the Safe House. Det Bradley armed with new information heads to the Safe House as well to get some answers.
Secrets are revealed, Bonds are broken, but Poochie is still relentless and Marcus and Sherrick devise a plan to end this once and for all.

Devaron Davis


Shuan Raney


Montee Ball Sr

Executive Producer

"Surprisingly entertaining! Director displayed some dynamic roles in the series."
Wade Edwards (aka DarthWader) KXFN 1380 The X | Xtreme Talk Radio
"Strong storylines and character development competes with network televisions best."."
Mike Tree | New Scene News
"Edge of your seat suspense, vibrant episodes, and gravitating action."
Talena Acon Designer | Midwest Motion Magazine


Rating: PG-13

RELEASE DATE    :    Nov 09, 2015
PRODUCTION    :    SangRay nsdmc & MoVille Ent
SLOGAN    :   Nothing is as it seems!
GENRE   :    Urban Fiction, Drama, Thriller
TIME   :   7 Episodes / 90 Min
RATED    :    PG13

A fabricated story from a "real life situation." A story of two friends who have to do a lot of the wrong things for the right reasons! A story of deception, trust, family, and relationships. Welcome to Efflictim The Series, where nothing is as it seems.